Owner's Manual (Homo Sapiens)

  • Unfortunately, we human beings do not come with a
    ready-made Owner's Manual to guide us through our
    individual life journeys.  So, we are left with the task of  
    finding or creating one of our own.  This book is the
    result of the author's own personal search for just such
    a set of guidelines.   He offers it to you, the reader, as a
    possible starting point for your own personal search.
  • Owner's Manual (Homo Sapiens) is a step-by-step
    guide designed to help the serious traveler on the
    journey of life to identify his or her life goals, to create a
    plan for achieving them, and to begin putting those
    plans into effect.  It is written in plain, every-day
    language and is broken down into bite-sized, easy to
    digest chapters.
  • The book is divided into a number of segments.  It
    begins with The Basics, which suggests an overall life
    goal of personal happiness and provides a review of
    the underlying principles of human development.  Next
    comes three segments that help the reader to begin to
    find the answers to three important questions:
  • "Who am I?" which uses a brief quiz game to identify
    the reader's personality type ;
  • "What do I want?" which uses a short, fill-in-the-
    blanks worksheet to clarify values; and,
  • "How can I get it?" which provides a detailed
    blueprint to aid personal development.
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    Relationship Survival Skills

  • This book is a step-by-step guide presented in a bite-
    sized format. It is designed to appeal to the palates of
    mature adults who have had or who are now
    experiencing problems in their social, business, or
    intimate relationships.  The book is divided into five
  • Myths That Maim is a postcard-like series of sayings
    that cautions us about the hidden pitfalls of a mindless,
    bumper-sticker approach to life.
  • Relationship Survival Kit is a humorously presented
    set of dos and don'ts for couples in committed
  • Mutual Support outlines the skills needed to nurture
    long-term meaningful relationships.
  • We Need to Talk! teaches specific essential
    communications skills. And finally,
  • Type Game helps the reader to identify his or her own
    Jungian/Myers-Briggs-based Personality Type.