"The ancient Chinese
symbol for crisis is made
up of two separate
characters: the one for
danger and the one for
"There are only two things
that can motivate people to
change: pain and pleasure."
best way to get rid of a
self-defeating   habit is by
"Change takes time.  The
replacing it with a new,
more rewarding one."
    How Long Does It Take?

  • It depends on how serious the problem is and on how
    much help you need.  Simple problem solving can take
    place in one or two sessions.  Some communication
    problems can be resolved in a few weeks, if both
    partners or parties are ready and willing to work on

  • If you need to restructure your entire outlook on life and
    to learn new life skills in every aspect of your life, then it
    could take many months.  The important thing to
    remember is that you, and only you, decide how long
    our counseling or consulting relationship will last.  You
    can end it at any time.

    What Do I Charge?

  • My fees are based on the level of services that I
    provide.  Sessions are normally fifty minutes long.  I do
    not begin charging you for any service until after we
    have agreed on a fee-for-service and payment plan.  

  • When I work on a personal pay-basis, fees are due and
    payable at the end of each session.  Cash or check
    only, no credit cards.  

  • If insurance covers all or part of the fee, then your co-
    pay is due at the end of each session.  Insurance
    authorization is required before the start of therapy.  It
    lets you know up front how may sessions are covered
    and what your co-payments will be, if any.

    How To Make an Appointment

  • Call (831) 646-5233.  Leave me your phone number(s)
    and best calling times.  I will get back to you, and we will
    arrange a time and place that best fits your needs.  
    While I normally work out of my offices in Monterey or
    Salinas, I do also offer the option of meeting clients at
    their homes or offices when we both deem it to be

    Insurance Plans Currently Accepted

  • TriCare/CHAMPUS
  • Blue Shield of California
  • Federal Employee's Program
  • MHN (Managed Health Network)
  • Claremont Behavior Services
  • New Directions
  • United Behavioral Health
  • UFCW & Employers Benefit Trust
  • Others:  Please check with your insurer
Private Sessions