Read each of the following statements carefully and
    complete it by selecting one of the two options
    provided.  Circle your choices to the right of each

    1.  My favorite telephone features are:
        a.  Cell phones and Call Waiting                  (E)
        b.  Answering Machines and Caller ID           (I)
    2.  First question I ask myself when I wake up:
        a.  How am I doing?                                       (I)
        b.  What's going on out there?                     (E)
    3.  If I were a pet, I would be:
        a.  A dog                                                      (E)
        b.  A cat                                                        (I)

    4.  If I could be a time traveler, I would travel:
        a.  To the future                                          (N)
        b.  To the past                                             (S)
    5.  If I were and animal, I would be:
        a.  A dog or cat                                           (S)
        b.  A unicorn or a dragon                            (N)
    6.  If I were a color, I would be:
        a.  Yellow                                                    (N)
        b.  Red                                                        (S)

    7.  I am more likely to say:
        a.  Aw, that's too bad.                                  (F)
        b.  Hm, how did that happen?                     (T)
    8.  If I were a machine, I would be:
        a.  A computer                                            (T)
        b.  A toaster oven                                        (F)
    9.  If I were apart of the body, I would be:
        a.  The head                                                (T)
        b.  The heart                                                (F)        
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    10.  I prefer teachers who:
          a.  Adjust their lesson plans as they go       (P)
          b.  Stick to their lesson plans very closely    (J)
    11.  If I were in a play, I would prefer:
          a.  To memorize my lines                              (J)
          b.  To improvise my lines                              (P)
    12.  If I were a part of nature, I would be:
          a.  The ocean                                               (P)
          b.  A mountain                                               (J)
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